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Project Description

Ever had a thought to take the data from App Insights and do your own charts. Charts that work with any platform, any software and any BI tool. "Continuous Import from App Insights to SQL" (CIAPS) does the job for you to take the data from your App Insights subscription and load it automatically into SQL Azure. It parses the blobs using worker roles in Azure and inserts the records into SQL Azure.


  • Automatically Import blob data into SQL Azure
  • Set the frequency of job to pull the data as needed
  • Retention of data as long as you need from App Insights
  • Ability to use Power BI for custom charts
  • Keeps all your data in the Azure

To use CIAPS

The CIAPS  is a solution which uses Azure Worker role to parse the JSON blob and writes it into SQL Azure.


  1. Azure Subscription
  2. App Insights with Continuous export configured
  3. Azure Storage Account
  4. Visual Studio 2013 Update 4
  5. Azure DB

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